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School Vision

Collaborative Design:

Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts faculty and staff will collaborate to design instruction, projects, and performances, while continually seeking student input and voice. As a design partner, teachers will provide/receive candid feedback throughout the design and assessment process, constantly striving to grow and learn alongside colleagues and students. We recognize that our “first ideas are often the most conventional - the closest to the default that already exists;” (Originals, pg. 38) therefore, we will seek feedback in order to rule out the obvious. All aspects of learning should use collaborative design with multiple colleagues and stakeholders from lesson and test creation to performances and direction to event planning and trips.

Candid Feedback:

Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts faculty and staff will seek candid feedback throughout all activities from colleagues and students, ensuring fidelity to the vision and core values. “All, no matter how talented, organized, or clear of vision, become lost somewhere along the way,” (Creativity Inc. pg. 91) and so we will rely on systematic feedback, from all stakeholders, to keep us centered and grounded. Students and staff will ask questions to learn, and expect others to probe the quality of the reasoning. Students will engage in candid feedback throughout the learning process each day, holding all of us to high expectations. No one has the right to hold a critical opinion without speaking up about it. We will identify problems and provide ideas to help.

Original Work:

Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts faculty and staff will celebrate the diverse work and ideas of the students – collaboratively designing inquiry-based opportunities that drive meaningful and beautiful work, both from students and staff members. Students will engage, (as co-learners), in work that matters to them and to their teachers, impacting our school community in a positive way. We strive to create environments of collaborative workplaces where student ideas, prototypes, and finished work are celebrated. Creating original work involves risk, both for the student and the teacher. We understand that “…quantity is the most predictable path to quality,” (Originals, pg. 37) and that perfection is not the end goal, but rather original and innovative thought and output from students and staff.

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